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London authorities confiscate $700,000 in Bitcoin

Cybercrime is becoming an important issue in today’s technological society. In addition, cybercriminals are beginning to launder their money with the help of crypto currencies. Last year, Scotland arrested Yard Grant West and seized $700,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Cybercrime and Bitcoin code

Mick Gallagher led a two-year investigation that led to the arrest of Grant West. On Wednesday, the British court announced that West will be sentenced on 25 May 2018. Cyber criminals feel secure and anonymous behind their keyboard and even invincible. The arrest was a great success not only for Scotland Yard, but also for law enforcement worldwide. In December 2017, West was found guilty of numerous Bitcoin code cyber attacks – the authorities announced that West was responsible for Bitcoin code cyber attacks on over 100 companies.

West and the Bitcoin revolution

The severity of the conviction is not yet known but it remains exciting, especially when the results of previous cases are taken into account. Ross Ulbrichts case is one of the most remarkable and hardest of its kind. Ulbricht created the Silk Road, the first illegal online Bitcoin revolution marketplace for the sale of drugs. After a long investigation, the FBI managed to track down and arrest Ulbricht in a public library in San Francisco. Ulbricht was sentenced to life imprisonment by a US federal court. There have been many headlines about the Ross Ulbricht case, as most people do not consider the punishment fair, as he himself only created a Bitcoin revolution marketplace.

Two former federal agents who led the Ulbricht investigation were accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent, redirected $800,000 worth of Bitcoin to his personal account. The other accused agent, Carl Force, pleads guilty to extortion, money laundering and obstruction of justice. The agents were each sentenced to less than 10 years in prison. Thus it is clear that the US government wanted to set an example to Ross Ulbricht in order to prevent possible cyber criminals from the same fate.

West used phishing emails to expose personal information such as credit cards and passwords, which he then sold online. Despite his less serious crimes, British courts can follow in the footsteps of the US and severely condemn Grant West. As crypto currencies become increasingly popular in both legal and illegal activities, governments will continue to regulate these new digital assets and punish those who use them for the wrong reasons.

Dfinity Tokenmetrics

The first official private sale round was in February 2017, when Dfinity raised approximately CHF 3.9 million ($ 4.2 million) from institutional investors and surrendered 24.72% of the total tokens. It should be borne in mind that 3.9 million was still very high at the beginning of 2017, as the real crypto boom came after that. The team reportedly liquidated the collected money (which was mainly in BTC and ETH) into Fiat money even at peak times, when that USD 4.2 million was already USD 40 million.

Token Price and Presale of the Bitcoin profit

The company subsequently collected more than CHF 61 million at the end of last year and only allocated 6.85% of the Bitcoin profit for this purpose. The last round is still pending, with only 4.75% to be collected for a whopping CHF 90 million. While in the first round 1 token was still at approx. 0.036 USD, the current price is already at 4.00 USD. Thus the first Bitcoin profit investors got the tokens more than 99% cheaper. For us as late beginners very bad cards, therefore we give here unfortunately 1/5 points.

Token distribution and Ethereum code

The token distribution between Ethereum code and investors is 52.93% to 47.07%, which is an average value and therefore gives us 3/5 points. However, considering that over 40% of Ethereum code investors have bought at better terms, we can imagine that there will be a price collapse if they sell their tokens. The market capitalization for a new project is also vertiginously high. If you assume a price of about $4.00 per token, you get a market capitalization of over $1.8 billion, which is too high even for protocol projects. Therefore we can only give 1/5 points for the market capitalization.

Special features
The Token-Metrics rating has been slightly improved by a special feature. Investors are bound to a certain contract for a period of 3 years, which prevents them from selling all their tokens. How exactly this looks was not clear to us, however. For this we give +0.2 points.

The overall rating for the Token Metrics is 1.8/5 points.

Bitcoin has reached the bottom, from here only upwards

CNBC’s seemingly uninterrupted coverage of the crypto market continues as the so-called Crypto King Barry Silbert was featured in the Fast Money segment.

The following reasons are decisive why a Bitcoin trader has found its ground

On Wednesday, Barry Silbert, an early onlinebetrug Bitcoin investor and founder of several crypto companies, took part in CNBC’s Fast Money segment to express his opinion on why Bitcoin found its bottom. The so-called “Crypto King” noted that there are many institutional investors and institutions on the sidelines of the game who are waiting for a good entry into the crypto market.

A recent report by Greyscale Investments, a subsidiary of Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, confirms an increase in institutional interest. According to this, Greyscale raised $250 million in the first half of 2018, with 56 percent of these investments coming from institutional investors.

Barry also pointed out that the technical chart signals are gradually becoming positive. Silver’s commentary on the technical signals is consistent with what Tom Lee of Fundstrat said the previous day:

During the weekend there were a lot of people talking about TA

And the possible formation of either an inverted head-shoulder formation or a Wyckoff buy-off. It seems that the technical ones are becoming more and more popular.

Last but not least, he drew attention to the recent negative comments on crypto currencies made by Fed Chairmen Howard Marks and Ken Griffin. The fact that Bitcoin had no significant price falls in the face of negative sentiment is a very bullish sign.

Silbert: I’ve seen “80 percent drops” before and it’s always the same
Mellisa Lee, one of the segment’s main hosts, seems confused about Silver’s comment and asked if he sees regulatory criticism as a bad sign.

Silbert sees this as just another part of the cycle and notes that the current phase is a phase where you can get a positive return on your investment.

Ethereum Calculator

Blockchain-Hero offers you a reliable and simple Ethereum calculator. With this calculator you can easily convert Ethereum into other crypto currencies and the exchange rate is always up to date and provides you with the current exchange rates. The Ethereum Calculator allows you to keep track of Ethereum’s current prices, convert currencies and compare them with each other.

Ethereum – A token with a large trading volume

It is important to keep a constant eye on the current Ethereum price. As one of the best-known blockchain platforms of the NEXT generation, Ethereum has conquered and reinterpreted an international development community and shows how decentralized technology can be applied to new digital challenges. While Bitcoin aims to decentralize monetary transactions, Ethereum extends the decentralized factor to any area. The so-called Smart Contracts make this possible. Anyone with the appropriate know-how can program such applications.

What are Smart Contracts ?

Smart Contracts are computer protocols that map or review contracts or technically support the negotiation or execution of a contract. A written fixation of the contract (on paper or in a file) may become superfluous. Smart Contracts usually also have a user interface and technically represent the logic of contractual regulations. Definition Wikipedia

Ethereum Calculator
Ethereum calculator – compare current price developments at any time
The price comparison of our currency calculator is always up to date, super fast and reliable. With our Ethereum calculator you can immediately see the latest exchange rate fluctuations and quickly decide whether it’s worth buying or selling. Or if you just want to see how much Ethereum tokens you currently own, the Ethereum Calculator will help you as well.
To use the Crypto Currency Calculator, select the crypto currency, Dollar or Euro into which Ethereum should be converted.

Ethereum Course History

This crypto currency has been firmly established for a long time as the number 2 behind Bitcoin. Some even speculate that it could outperform Bitcoin this year and become the most traded crypto currency on the market. Ethereum already has a substantial market capitalisation of almost €60,000,000,000. At the start of Ethereum trading in August 2015, the coin was worth over €1, now quoted at over €500 and made it to over €1,000 in January. Therefore an Ethereum calculator is more popular than ever.

Ethereum Calculators and ETH Units
The abbreviation for the token is ETH, Ethereum is often colloquially referred to as ether and has up to eighteen significant digits after the comma. This makes the conversion more difficult, but an Ethereum calculator makes it a bit easier. Furthermore there are further units for the mass of coins, which go beyond 1 ether. Some of the units can have several designations.

1,000 ETH = 1 Milliether, Finney
1,000,000 ETH = 1 microether, Szabo
1,000,000,000 ETH = 1 Nanoether, Gwei, Shannon
1,000,000,000,000 ETH = 1 picoether, Mwei, Babbage
1,000,000,000,000,000,000 ETH = Femtoether, Ada, Kwei
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ETH = 1 Wei
0,001 ETH = 1 Einstein, Grand, Kether
0.000001 ETH = 1 Mether
0.000000001 ETH = 1 Gether
0.000000000001 ETH = 1 tether

Your tool for trading crypto currencies
The Etherum calculator is the best tool for interested parties and investors to compare exchange rates quickly and conveniently. Ethereum’s primary goal is to create a platform on which everyone can create their own coins and blockchains. Ethereum also introduced the revolutionary Smart Contracts, which made the ETH Token one of the high-flyers in the world of crypto currencies.