Teacher Lesson Plans

Clump Game


  • Student understands the post-Renaissance consequences of exploration that occurred during the Age of Discovery.
  • Student understands why personal responsibility and civic responsibility are important.
  • Student knows that a citizen is a legally recognized member of the United States who had certain rights and privileges and certain responsibilities.
  • Student knows examples of the extension of the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.

Objectives: To establish how the arrival of Europeans effected the Native populations through disease, warfare, slavery, changing customs, etc.

Resources: Adapted from: Wise Hearts, Wise Hands; Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida by Jerald T. Milanich and Charles Hudson

Time Line

Purpose: Understanding the broad categories of time in years, decades, and centuries.

Objectives: To establish when Florida`s First Natives arrived in this state as well as to contrast the point of first contact with the Europeans and the demise of the Native chiefdoms.

Resources: Adapted from: Wise Hearts, Wise Hands

Multiple Choice Questions


1. How many major Florida Chiefdoms were recorded in Florida in the early 16th century?

2. Which one of the following Chiefdoms was located in the Tampa Bay area?