Native Skills Workshops

The ais

HOTAO's Native Skills Workshops are an extension of THE VILLAGE LEARNING CENTER that has introduced thousands of people to the ancient skills and technologies of Florida's First Native People. In a classroom of thatched native houses, we keep alive the ways of The Ancient Ones. Instructors for HOTAO's Native Skills Workshops are skilled craftsmen and women that share a common bond of preserving the crafts and knowledge of ancient civilizations.

Workshops are generally one or two days in length and offer "hands on" instruction in various pre-Columbian technologies. As these workshops are given in conjunction with HOTAO's other educational programs, locations vary throughout the state. Workshops are formed when enough interested participants have responded (most are limited to 20 students) and an instructor is available. Due to the tremendous number of responses, we must operate on a first come/ first served basis of confirmed reservations (deposit or paid in advance). Those that miss out on a workshop will be invited to attend the next available one. Click on the workshop at the top of the page to see a description.