Dfinity Tokenmetrics

The first official private sale round was in February 2017, when Dfinity raised approximately CHF 3.9 million ($ 4.2 million) from institutional investors and surrendered 24.72% of the total tokens. It should be borne in mind that 3.9 million was still very high at the beginning of 2017, as the real crypto boom came after that. The team reportedly liquidated the collected money (which was mainly in BTC and ETH) into Fiat money even at peak times, when that USD 4.2 million was already USD 40 million.

Token Price and Presale of the Bitcoin profit

The company subsequently collected more than CHF 61 million at the end of last year and only allocated 6.85% of the Bitcoin profit for this purpose. The last round is still pending, with only 4.75% to be collected for a whopping CHF 90 million. While in the first round 1 token was still at approx. 0.036 USD, the current price is already at 4.00 USD. Thus the first Bitcoin profit investors got the tokens more than 99% cheaper. For us as late beginners very bad cards, therefore we give here unfortunately 1/5 points.

Token distribution and Ethereum code

The token distribution between Ethereum code and investors is 52.93% to 47.07%, which is an average value and therefore gives us 3/5 points. However, considering that over 40% of Ethereum code investors have bought at better terms, we can imagine that there will be a price collapse if they sell their tokens. The market capitalization for a new project is also vertiginously high. If you assume a price of about $4.00 per token, you get a market capitalization of over $1.8 billion, which is too high even for protocol projects. Therefore we can only give 1/5 points for the market capitalization.

Special features
The Token-Metrics rating has been slightly improved by a special feature. Investors are bound to a certain contract for a period of 3 years, which prevents them from selling all their tokens. How exactly this looks was not clear to us, however. For this we give +0.2 points.

The overall rating for the Token Metrics is 1.8/5 points.